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James Smith


About me

My passion for furniture design and working with wood stems from my childhood when I would spend hours curiously tinkering with Windsor chairs after school. This soon developed into a total commitment to the craft. Today it is an absolute privilege to make a living from the skills that I have developed and honed over many years spent working with some incredibly talented furniture makers.


Me and my workshop

In 2006, with enough confidence and experience under my tool belt I established James Smith Furniture and Design, and I’m delighted to say, I haven’t looked back. In 2019 I found a new home for my workshop in the Berwickshire village of West Morriston, near Earlston.


Me and my values

Everyday I combine design, artistry, craftsmanship and cabinetmaking skills to create beautiful pieces of furniture from a majestic and readily sustainable source. To that end, I use species that are ethically sourced and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, upholding indigenous peoples’ rights of ownership and their use of land and resources. My preference is for British hardwoods, which I believe are unrivalled in their beauty.


Me and my craft

My passion for working with wood is not only based on the magnificent array of types, colours, grains and textures available, but the versatility of its form and the shapes and finishes that can be achieved. Perhaps what I love the most is that I’m continuing a trade that’s steeped in history and tradition, and creating pieces that will be loved and admired for many years, maybe even centuries to come.


Me and my business

Every piece that I’m commissioned to make is a labour of love and that perfectionism extends beyond my craft and into my business. I take each client’s investment extremely seriously and to that end I am committed to open and honest communication; to meeting deadlines and budgets, and to exceeding expectations – on every level.


Me and my clients

It is an honour to be asked to design and create bespoke furniture for my clients, whether it’s a jewellery box or an entire kitchen. My job is to listen and to guide and advise, so that together we enjoy the process of creating a beautiful feature for your home that you will love for years to come.


For more information on the commissioning process, visit Commissions, or get in touch.